Better Takes Action

This year I’m stoked to be teaming up with KEEN footwear, on their Better Takes Action Campaign.

I first knew about KEEN when they sponsored an Adventure With A Purpose stream at the Women’s Adventure Expo that I was talking at a few years ago. I loved the shoes I was given, finally finding a comfortable pair of shoes which actually fit my enormous feet, and which I wore non-stop for the rest of the year, but I didn’t realise then just how deep their values ran.

KEEN’s values drive everything they do. Their ‘our purpose’ page on the website covers everything from the way their products are made and the business run, to quality, caring, having fun and promoting a healthy lifestyle. They have donated over $15 million to environmental causes around the world, they run their own projects, to give back and take action, and have a focus on reducing their own impact.

As a brand born for life outside, we feel a responsibility to protect and conserve the places where we live, play, and work.

KEEN Footwear

These are values which closely align with mine, and it is a dream to work with such a like-minded, passionate, kind bunch of people.

So what is the Better Takes Action campaign?

We make shoes to make a difference. Together, let’s take action for a better world.


When KEEN first started talking to me about their big ideas for a Better Takes Action plastic campaign, I must admit I felt in good company – fellow big-thinkers, with outside-the-box actions.
The Better Takes Action Boat Tour was born, collecting plastic from canals around Europe to educate and inspire people to reduce their plastic impact, on… wait for it… a boat made from plastic that had been fished from those very canals. How blooming brilliant is that!

They teamed up with Plastic Whale, an amazing NGO in Amsterdam, to create their very own KEEN boat, and with that, we’re going on tour!

KEEN and Plastic Whale Better Takes Action Boat Tour, leg one – Amsterdam, April 2019

The first stop was Amsterdam in April, home of Plastic Whale, and the birthplace of the beautiful boat. After Christening the boat, it was time to take to the water. We had such a fun day, and, as you can imagine, retrieved some rather interesting items from the canals, particularly on our journey through the red light district!

The #BetterTakesAction tour focusses on two main priorities: Getting people outside and active, and reducing the impact of single use plastic. The two are, of course, intrinsically linked.
During the month of May, we had several challenges to encourage people to do just this.

So what’s next? The boat tour continues with Hamburg (22-23rd June) and London (13-14th July). You can sign up to be a part of it too! We would love for you to come and be on the boat with us, plastic fishing, taking action to make a positive difference.
If you can’t make it to the boat tour, or if plastic fishing isn’t your thing, there are some really simple ways you can also join the movement from home.

1. Get outdoors and get active!

Over 60 % of the European population is not living an active enough, outdoor lifestyle to remain healthy! Being outside in nature is scientifically proven to improve wellbeing, and spending time in these places will also help us want to protect them. Take your friends and family out with you if you can, or perhaps just some quiet alone time in nature is in order.

2. Make one change in your life to reduce your single use plastic consumption

This could be something as simple as committing to using a refillable water bottle, or taking your carrier bags to the shops, (more tips here), or it could be something more unusual. Either way, we want to know what you’re up to, and help inspire others to do so too! Which leads me to:

3. Join the movement

Please Use the #BetterTakesAction hashtag, and following along on the KEEN Facebook and Instagram pages.

4. Do something good while you’re outside

Can you combine the first two by doing something positive while being active outdoors? Perhaps it’s a beach clean or litter pick, getting involved in a local community group, cycling to work or taking the bus to your favourite surf spot instead of driving. Again, we want to know what you’re up to!


Thanks for reading – myself and the lovely KEEN team would love you to be involved, however you feel able.

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