1 Change in 1 Minute

It’s hard knowing the best way we can do our bit to look after the planet. So much of the environmental messaging seems to be asking for us to do quite a lot, often to make compromises – which is brilliant and important when we have the time and means. In a world where we’re busier than ever, stretched and stressed, there’s a real benefit in finding every day things that we can do to help us feel proud, that don’t take ages to achieve on those days when doing the right thing can seem so unachievable.

Reducing our plastic usage is a great example of this – there are loads of great things we can all do that don’t take that much time.

As the Midcounties Co-operative’s Environment Ambassador, (more info here) I’m stoked to have worked on their 1Change campaign with them this year, empowering individuals to reduce their plastic usage by pledging to make One Change. I’m also excited to report that they’re working hard to reduce the amount of plastic used in their operations too, including removing an estimated 3 million plastic bags from their stores next year, and replacing them with compostable alternatives in places where food collections allow the use of these bags in food caddies.

The latest instalment of the 1Change campaign is 1Change in 1Minute:

A recent survey from The Midcounties Co-operative found almost 45% of British adults wished they had more time in the day to be ‘greener’.  In response, to help time-poor people who want to make a difference, The Midcounties Co-op has created a digital guide ‘How to help save the world in 60 seconds’ which highlights ten tips to reduce single-use plastic in 60 seconds.

I strongly believe that taking action, small steps, can lead to further action by giving us hope and helping us feel like we CAN play a positive part in protecting our environment. I hope you’re able to take some of the above on board, and continue to make other changes when you do have time.

Please continue to support organisations and businesses that are doing the right thing too, such as the Midcounties Co-op, local shops who have switched away from plastic-lined coffee cups and straws, and charities that are working in your community to run litter clean ups. It all adds up, it helps to inspire and educate others, and together our small changes can have a big impact.

Actions you can take to be a part of the 1 Change movement:

• Members can make their 1Change in 1Minute pledge at the Midcounties Co-op’s website

• Showcase your pledge…

» On social media using #1Change and tagging @midcounties

» Consider completing a video blog carrying out the 1 minute challenge or talking about any changes made to tackle single use plastic and posting these on social media using #1Change and tagging @midcounties

For more info about the Midcounties Co-op and my role with them, see my blog, ‘What is a Coop?’

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