Paddle Against Plastic is a platform for highlighting the issues of marine plastic, but more importantly proposing simple solutions, through Stand Up Paddle Boarding, adventure, and reconnecting with the environment.

In 2016, Cal Major and Jack Stevenson stand up paddle boarded the entire Cornish coast and beyond, into North Devon.  Single use plastic water bottles are one of the biggest polluters of our oceans, with over 38.5million used daily in the UK alone, and less than half of these being recycled. This epic adventure was a vehicle to encourage refilling water bottles, and ditching single use plastic bottles for good.

In July 2017, Cal and Zoe, and Zoe’s dog Skye, will be circumnavigating the Isle of Skye. The West coast of Scotland is home to some incredible wildlife and some even more impressive weather! The 400 miles of coastline is stunning, rugged, exposed, and untouched. However, it is no less vulnerable to the harmful effects of marine litter. Cal and Zoe will be highlighting the plastic found at sea, and connecting it to that used on land. 80% of marine litter originates from land based sources, so the less used on land, the less ends up in our oceans. As ever, we’ll be promoting positive messages and simple solutions that can help safeguard the oceans and the natural places we all love.

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